Good Hair? C’mon People Wake Up!

24 10 2009

Grip Here…


Chris Rock has a new movie out called, “Good Hair”.  And it has created a hornest’s nest of debate. (EW article) A post on Entertainement Weekly had some lively responses.  My post is below.  What do you think?  Is straightening your hair ok or is it a sign of trying to fit the notions of white beauty?

Get real. What most of you don’t understand including the author of this post is that this notion of “good hair” is a result of largely your unconscious need to replicate the idea of beauty according to the dominant ideology, standards, and concepts of beauty. So, when you say you relax your hair because you are lazy that is simply not the case. And it is certainly not comparable to not wearing make up or wearing a gap t-shirt. What you and others are doing is using your logic to come up with reasons justifying perming your hair. This is known as cognitive dissonance whch is a well established concept in social psychology. So, don’t be fooled by the idea that you are consciously choosing to straighten your hair. Because you are not. You are straightening your hair for the same reason blacks in the earlier day used skin whiteners to try and lighten their skin. It is a pathology that is so deeply rooted and so subtle in it’s ubiquity that most of us are hardly aware of it.  The same affliction has chinese women having surgery to make their eyes more round. What everyone needs to do is wake up and become of aware of how their unconscious is driving their behavior and influencing what they think are independent decisions. Though, this is not to say that women cannot or should not straighten their hair, but should do so as a conscious decision understanding and accepting the fact that they have bought into the white idea of beauty.


Watch a clip from the Tyra Banks show discuss good hair

PART II..This is unblieveable!

PART III..You have got to be kiddin me! Check it out!


Ahmadinejad ain’t so crazy

25 09 2009


by What The!

I know I know ‘ol Ahmadinejad is supposed to be the most hated leader on earth outside of Binny Laden but one must listen to his answers closely during the Couric interview. I never heard him say he was denying the holocaust happened but he was stating there were 60 million other folks killed also and nobody seems to ask many questions about them. He also makes a point about an Arab woman killed in a German courtroom for  wearing a Hajib!

I couldn’t get around the commercials so listen anyway.

I’m just say’n!! Some things he speaks of make perfect sense but our mindset has been steered to be against muslims as it was steered against blacks for so many years. His denial of the Holocaust is a stupid and wrong thing to imply but the Holocaust ain’t even the worse trajedy to befit our world. That one is still going on in Darfur.

Oh my God You might be a Socialist!!

22 09 2009

A Michael Moore

by What The!

This guy is a new American hero. Michael Moore has been able to get to the point in his new movie about capitalism. Americans have been mired in the politics of scary words like communism, socialism and all the rest of the ism’s seem to scare the crap out of Americans and they run the other way. Even if it means morally bankrupting the country. America was built on the premise of democracy and helping thy neighbor.  This guy A Garrido Garrido, kidnapped a girl when she was thirteen, kept her in his backyard for almost twenty years and fathered two children and maybe even murdered another and the whole time his neighbors had no clue! My point is words are not boogeymen. There are some real guys out there like Garrido and worse. There are also boogeymen in our corporate structure who have in the financial world done far worse than Garrido but in our system of capitalism we hold them up as heroes for making exorbitant sums of money off the backs of the real working man. I urge all of you to watch the movie and decide if socialism isn’t so bad. Here is a clip to get your juices flowing.

Go watch the movie and see if capitalism is the real boogeyman.

Beware the black sheep!!

18 09 2009


by What The!

It is unbelieveable to me the position the White House has taken on calling a sellout a sellout or a racist a racist. The media continues to sow seeds of discord by backing down to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. The fat man, Limbaugh,   is openly calling for a white nationalist movement and Glenn Beck is just out to make money by using anybody he can including the illiterate caucasian hoards that frequent any event to protest anything the President is trying to get done. Complicit with Limbaugh and Beck or the sellout black sheep brothers who hide behind ideology and economics to prevent them from saying what they know to be true and protect the black man in the white house. Each one has sidestepped calling Limbaugh a racist and in fact they escalate the problem by making Limbaugh believe what he is doing does no harm. The ginned up crowds of hatemongers are appearing all around the country and yet the White House and most media pundits refuse to recognize how dangerous the climate is getting. Glenn Beck is allowed to say whatever he wants with relative impunity and is blessed by Michael Steele. Some jackasses show up at presidential events carrying loaded weapons and no outcry even from the White House.  The political pundit brotha’s just keep on bowing and dancing for those bread crumbs. Even Nancy Pelosi knows how volitile the political arena has become.

Nah it ain’t the rednecks who are to be feared it’s the same old complacency in our own community which really will be the culprit in our sliding back into the fifty’s right where the chuckleheads and wingnuts would have us. Rachel Maddow and Keith Obermann are willing to call it like they see it and not always in favor of the white house. So why are these caucasian brotha’s and sista’s willing but our own cannot step up to the plate. Sounds like a job for professor Grip to set me straight. This country is approaching anarchy courtesy of the good dancing brotha’s and a community which allows the voices of a few racist to drown out the millions who voted for the first black President.

Beware the black sheep ya’ll!!

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The Story of Stuff: How We Have Been Bamboozled into Killing the Earth by Buying Stuff We Don’t Need!

17 09 2009

Grip Here…

Check out the video below on a viral video that in 20 minutes completely explains how we have been bamboozled by corporate interests into buying a bunch a crap we don’t need.  As a result, we are killing our planet at a fast rate. So, fast in fact that our grandchildren will be lucky to live to an old age. 

I’m just sayin…

Jam, you were and are right.  The Green Movement is the only chance that we have to change our destiny. I’m with you on this…


prof grip

Is Jimmy Carter Right?

17 09 2009

Grip Here…

Check out the video below of former President Carter discussing his view that most of the anger toward president obama is a result of white racism…

I’m just sayin…

I generally agree with President Carter and his assertion that a great deal of the negativity directed toward President Obama is a rsult of racist attitudes.  But, I think the overt racism we see is a small but extremely intense faction of white voters.  These folks do not represent the majority of whites, but are primarily concentrated in the south where some signs of overt racism and segregation are still the norm. (Don’t believe me check out the Morgan Freeman documentary playing on HBO.  The film covers a small high school in a small southern town that still has seperate high school proms.  One for whites and one for blacks.)

What President Carter overlooked in his assertion of white racism is not the threat of the racist wingnuts, but instead the silence of the moderate white conservatives who by and large have been unwilling to publicly criticize the racist acts of the wingnuts.  What is even more troubling in my view are the whites who don’t fly confederate flags, use the n-word, or overtly discriminate against those of another race, but intead are completely disconnected and isolated from the black experience. It’s these folks that start to accept some of the wingnut philosophy.  And as a result, began to have a negative view of Obama largely through the hidden power of their unconscious minds.  This is the real danger.  A subtle shift of decent folk willing to give Obama a chance to peer pressured folk unable to extend to President Obama the benefit of the doubt.

President Carter was right about the problem, but wrong about it’s process and impact.

prof grip

Joe Wilson Should be Censored!!

15 09 2009

by What The!


It is my belief Congressman Clyburn is absolutely right to pressure Wilson to apologize on the floor of the house. He made a chucklehead remark and now he is trying to raise money for his campaign by going around the country and bragging about what he did. He not only called the President a liar but we all know what was in his heart. After all he is a congressman from South Carolina who has supported keeping the confederate flag atop the state capitol and denigrated the half-black daughter of Strom Thurmond for claiming her heritage.  Congressman Clyburn has had enough of the wingnuts saying and doing whatever they want and no consequences. It fosters an air of disrespect for the President and if taken too far could do irreparable harm to the office itself. Republicans would have you believe democrats called Bush a liar all the time and they did and he was but they respected the decorum of the congress and refrained from getting ugly. Maureen Dowd had it right, this is about race pure and simple. After all a wolf in sheeps clothing is still a wolf.